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Art Camp

Learn Together.

Art Camp is a collection of 12-week self-directed online courses designed to give you the best results for the time you put into it.

Watching endless tutorial videos is great, but Art Camp is all about giving you a structure to your education. These are the exact exercises you can use to improve your skills as an artist, no matter where you're at right now. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, these courses will push you to the next level.

If you do these exercises, you will improve. I promise.

Check out a couple completely free, full length previews from Art Camp:

The Art of Freelancing

Everything I Wish They Had Taught Me in Art School

In this 5 hour long lecture I share everything I know about freelancing. Learn from my mistakes, make the most of my successes, and maybe be amused by my occasional stupidity.

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Free Photo Reference

Nearly 20GB of free high-resolution, unfiltered photographic reference from my travels all over the world, released completely free under Creative Commons Zero! Use it for all of your projects, personal or professional, and don't worry about crediting me.

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How I Paint Landscapes

A fully narrated, 6 hour process video

6 hours of fully narrated painting process showing my entire development of a piece from start to finish. I discuss the technical aspects of what I'm doing, my mindset of what I'm thinking about as an artist, and even my thoughts on painting landscape work in general. Check out a free preview here:

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Dusk to Dawn

The complete process of how I paint Magic: The Gathering cards.

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Don't Go to Art School

I will no longer encourage aspiring artists to attend art school. I just won’t do it. Unless you’re given a full ride scholarship (or have parents with money to burn), attending art school is a waste of your money.

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10 Books Every Artist Must Read

Ten books that I sincerely believe every artist out there should purchase and read—at least once. Continue reading.

How I Became an Artist

The story of my art so far. Tracks my 12 year journey to become an artist and the trials I faced to do it. Continue reading.